Asthma Wellness


When asthma is well-controlled adults and children alike can play sport, explore the great outdoors, and enjoy life like everyone else.  All that is needed is a good asthma care plan, the right medication, and the willingness to achieve good asthma control.
Achieve asthma wellness. See your Wishing Well doctor today.  

January 16, 2018

The Asthma Action Plan provides information and advice on your treatment and what to do when your condition worsens and you need to take action. The Asthma Action Plan also provides health professionals with information about your treatment. Please take the Asthma Action Plan with you whenever you visit your GP, pharmacist or other health professionals including in hospital.

Remember to ask your GP to update your Asthma Action Plan if your medications change.

Well managed asthma rocks!

January 16, 2018

Want more energy? Sick of your asthma slowing you down? Manage your asthma well and change your life.

How to use your asthma device

January 16, 2018

Want to know a secret? More than half of those with asthma use their devices incorrectly. Are you one of them?

Asthma First Aid

January 16, 2018

Seen it all when it comes to superheroes? Think again. Nothing compares to Asthma Man! Watch and learn.

Asthma First Aid - Kids

January 16, 2018

Not all asthma superheroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear school shoes.

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# 1  Asthma Secret  -  Use a Spacer


Did you know using a spacer is as effective as a nebuliser?
The pictures below show why.  

WITHOUT a spacer - little asthma medication reaches your lungs.

WITH a spacer - all asthma medication reaches your lungs.

Asthma First Aid poster

Download your FREE Asthma First Aid poster

How clever is this mum?  With some quick thinking, she turned an empty water bottle into an emergency spacer.


Spacers are as effective as nebulisers. 


Carry your reliever medication and spacer with you at all times. 
You never know when you, or someone you love, will need it.



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