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Xmas Cool

Red and green. Fabulous feasts. Fun in the sun. Blistering temperatures. They all spell the great 'Aussie' Christmas we know and love. But too much hot weather can take a serious toll on our health. Babies, the elderly or anyone with medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease can be at risk of heat stress during relentless hot summer days.

The early signs of heat stress are headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst and heavy sweating. Anyone showing these symptoms should be taken to a cool place, rested and given cold drinks (but not alcohol). If symptoms worsen, also wet clothing and apply anything cold to the underarms, forehead and feet. If the person becomes confused or loses consciousness dial 000.

Keep a caring eye on the very young, elderly or frail friends, family and neighbours. Help them beat the heat and stay cool this festive season.

Happy holidays from everyone at the Wishing Well Clinics.

Dr Kin Lee

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