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Wellth 2015

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'Wellth' in 2015

What was your New Year's resolution? Save more and eat less. Or was it exercise more and stress less? Either way, 2015 is going to be a year of increasing health trends. Much of which will be driven by wearable technology, exercise and diet. Yet, the Wishing Well Clinic's Doctor Kin Lee says, "Take the pressure off yourself. Make life balance your achievement for 2015."

One suggestion is to shift your focus from profit to purpose. Work will seem effortless and more rewarding. Or sign up for the hottest gym in town - the great outdoors. "Workout at the park, walk the dog, stroll along the beach, go hiking or play sport." Just ten minutes of exercise can boost your body's endorphins - the happy hormones. "Also keep in mind the ideal body is the one you have," continued Doctor Lee. You can make healthy eating effortless by exploring farm-to-table ingredients, green juice cocktails, and fresh produce. "Feeling good is the new looking good in 2015."

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