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Tired of being tired?

Do you feel tired all the time? Lots of people do according to Doctor Lee. Yet getting your energy back could be simpler than you think.

“What you eat, how much you sleep, and how often you exercise are the top three reasons why people feel tired,” said Doctor Lee. For many, caffeine and sugar are the go-to fatigue busters; the quick-fix, pick-me-ups. And while sugar and caffeine can pep you up, the energy crash that follows only compounds tiredness. The best energy booster is a balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and plenty of water.

“In addition to diet, people fighting tiredness should also aim for 7-hours sleep and forty minutes of exercise four times a week,” said Doctor Lee.

But he did err on the side of caution. Chronic tiredness can also be symptomatic of an underlying medical condition. “If you still feel exhausted despite a healthy diet, regular sleep and exercise, consult your doctor.”

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