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Move more. Sit less


The postcard image of Aussies being the fit, active, outdoor type is no more.

Doctor Lee said new statistics released by the National Heart Foundation regarding the average Australian's level of obesity and physical activity is not pretty.

Nearly one third of Australians are obese and more than half are living a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity.

"We're creating bodies geared to develop heart disease," said Doctor Lee.

Heart disease remains the single biggest killer of Australians claiming 20,000 lives a year or a death every 27 minutes.

Physical inactivity is a leading contributor to the burden of chronic disease in Australia, with an estimated total cost to the health budget of $1.5 million.

"You can drop weight and reduce the risk of heat disease simply by being active for 30 minutes a day," said Doctor Lee. "We can all do with moving more and sitting less."

Given it's National Heart Week (3 May - 9 May) why not get moving and join a National Heart Foundation walking group. For more information about groups in the Busselton area visit www.heartfoundation.org.au/walking or phone 1300 36 27 87.

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