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Wishing you Well at Christmas

Christmas tree mishap

“Beware of your Christmas tree,” said Doctor Kin Lee, with a wry smile. “You’d be surprised by the number of Christmas tree injuries I treat.”

Fixing stars, lights or other decorations to higher branches seems to be the major cause of Christmas tree injuries. People accidentally poke their eye or over extend and fall off ladders.

Fairy lights too can take casualties. People fall while putting them up or get mild electric shocks and burns from faulty lights. Even worse – some LED bulbs can interfere with household wireless internet. That’s enough to send any ‘teen’ into a frenzy.

“Also pay attention to sulphites in cheaper wines if you suffer allergies,” cautioned Doctor Lee. “One glass might have you breaking out in a rash or reaching for your asthma inhaler.”

Shopping, social invitations and endless preparation can lead to high stress levels. Allow yourself time out from the madness – even if it’s just 10 minutes to take some deep breaths and quiet your mind.

If you’re holidaying in the great outdoors make sure you have a good supply of your regular medications and health essentials like a first aid kit, personal insect repellent, clean drinking water, and loads of sunscreen.

Doctor Lee and his staff from all clinics wish everyone well at Christmas. “And may no one fall foul of their Christmas tree or fairy lights, or become ill from overindulging.”

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