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Community Immunity

Teachers can’t afford to get the flu. No one knows this better than Mrs Vivienne Barton, Busselton Senior High School’s health nurse and student counselor.

“We have a social responsibility to protect our own health and that of the students,” said Mrs Barton.

For three years running the Wishing Well Clinic Busselton has liaised with the Busselton Senior High School to run a flu clinic for staff.

“People who get the flu will usually need 4-6 days off work,” said Doctor McDonnell. “Or if they do come to work, they risk spreading the flu to others.”

“I’m a strong advocate for community immunity,” said Mrs Barton. “When a critical portion of the school community is immunised against the flu, most staff and students are protected because there is little opportunity for an outbreak.”

Influenza viruses continually evolve. To provide protection annual vaccination with vaccines containing the most recent strains is necessary to maintain immunity.

According to the latest research, healthy employees who opt for a yearly flu vaccination take nearly half the number of sick days. For that reason alone, flu clinics represents a smart investment in health and continuing productivity for many workplaces.

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