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Walking the Ice Tightrope

It’s never easy when someone you love becomes dependent on a drug – but in the case of ice, there can be an extra problem: the suspicion and paranoia that can trigger violence.

What do you do when your once high-achieving, sports-loving daughter breaks your windows, injures the family cat and smashes plates believing her food has been poisoned?

“The issue with hospitalisation,” explained Doctor Kin Lee, “is that the hospital can only tackle the psychosis, not the drug dependence.”

Once the patient has recovered from the psychosis, they’re discharged and the cycle of using and chaotic behaviour starts again.

“Sudden aggressive and violent behaviour is the biggest concern,” said Doctor Lee. “Carers and families of ice addicts need a personal safety plan they can call into action at any time.”

Family Drug Support is a national organisation that helps families and friends of people with a drug dependency. Along with Walking a Tightrope - a free online booklet that discusses how to avoid violence when caring for those with a drug addiction - there is also the 24-hour Support Line 1300 368 186.

If someone you love has a drug problem, reach out to specialised services trained to help.

Family Drug Support Line 1300 368 186

Walking a Tightrope booklet

Walking a Tightrope booklet. View more information at fds.org.au

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