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Visiting your GP in a Bar

Visiting GP in bar-like setting

Aussie men don’t like going to the doctor – but staying away is making them ill.

Research from the Australian the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals men are much less likely to visit a doctor than women – 43.1 percent compared with 56.9 percent.

Doctor Kin Lee, who owns five Wishing Well Clinics, said a concept like Mr GP would work well in the South-West.

Mr GP is the brain child of Aussie entrepreneur Alex Drew. His vision is to create a bar-like atmosphere where blokes feel more comfortable to have a chat. When launched, Mr GP clinics will feature leather couches and sport on TV in the reception area. Male doctors will chat to their Aussie bloke patients side by side in a semi-private bar-like area.

“The website man therapy uses a similar concept to reach out to men,” said Doctor Lee.

Quirky videos of a tradie called Dave and a factious Doctor Ironwood encourage men who may be suffering anxiety or depression to ‘grab the bull by the balls and bloody well get on with it’ and access services or simply start talking about their issues to someone close to them.

While Busselton won’t see a Mr GP clinic anytime soon, Doctor Lee said the concept has certainly spiked his interest.

Man Therapy can be found at www.mantherapy.org.au

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