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Women’s Health Weighs Heavily

Recent research suggests Australian women are more concerned about weight gain than getting cancer.

“Yet, when our doctors meet to discuss health issues trending within our patient base, the most common health concern among women is mental and emotional health, followed by menopause,” said Doctor Kin Lee. “Weight issues seem to come third.”

While today marks the end of Women’s Health Week, every week should be women’s health week according to Doctor Lee.

“Whether women are in their 20s or 90s there are steps to take toward good health.”

A well-woman check-up is a time to discuss the steps needed to maintain wellbeing, as well as any screening and vaccinations needed, based on age, health habits, risk factors, and family history.

For women aged 45-49, a free annual health check is covered by Medicare.

According to Doctor Lee, to live a healthy life women (and men) should: get an annual health check, eat healthily, maintain a healthy weight, get at least 30-minutes of physical exercise most days and quit smoking (or don’t start), limit alcohol use, and check cholesterol levels.

“That way, maintaining good health doesn’t have to weigh heavily on your mind,” said Doctor Lee.

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