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How to Avoid Christmas Kilos

The average Australian gains between 0.8 and 1.5 kilograms in weight over the Festive Season. But who doesn’t love a traditional Christmas feast? For many families Christmas morning starts with opening presents before a grand breakfast. A few hours later, a magnificent roast lunch is served followed by a choice of mouth-watering desserts. Meanwhile, meals and snacks are washed down with copious amounts of drinks – many high in alcohol and sugar. By mid-afternoon a nap is mandatory before the feasting begins again at dinner.

Doctor Kin Lee suggests starting a new Christmas trend. Involve family and friends in a brisk walk along the beach before opening presents. After a light healthy breakfast, have a game of back yard cricket, beach volley ball or play water sports. Then sit down to a traditional Christmas lunch.

“Any fun, active games and exercise before and after a Christmas feast will assist digestion, burn off unused kilojoules and avoid the afternoon slump,” said Doctor Lee.

Doctor Lee also suggested exchanging drinks for kilometres. For every one alcoholic drink consumed walk one kilometre the next day.

“Filling up on healthy salads and downsizing your plate will also help reduce portion sizes and keep off the extra kilos at Christmas.”

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