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The Cost of Childhood Obesity

One in five school children are overweight by the time they start school. The estimated cost to the public health system is $17 million per year. "Besides the immediate health benefits, reducing childhood obesity can also decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke later in life,” said Doctor Kin Lee.” It is important for children to explore a balance of food chosen from the five major food groups. Each food group supplies vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of which function to maintain healthy body chemistry and weight control. “The secret is starting when young children’s taste preferences and habits are still being formed,” explained Doctor Lee. "That way children will continue to make healthy food choices as they grow older." The alarming obesity statistics suggests more resources targeted at helping parents understand how they affect their children’s development of food-and activity–related behaviour. “Childhood obesity will ultimately require multifaceted and community-wide programs and policies with parents having a critical role to play,” said Doctor Lee. Doctor Lee advises that if anyone has concerns about their child’s weight, consult your local doctor first.

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