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To pee, or not to pee

Are you a nighttime Hamlet deciding whether to pee, or not to pee three or four times a night? New research shows the annoying need to pee in the middle of the night relates to the amount of salt in your diet. “To date, the focus has been on reducing the amount of liquid a patient drinks several hours before bed,” said doctor Kin Lee. Scientists in Japan have now discovered that reducing your salt intake can significantly reduce the need to pee in the night. A study of more than 300 men and women found reducing daily salt intake by 10.7 grams to eight grams reduced the number of times participants needed to urinate, from 2.3 times a night to 1.4 times. By contrast, when 98 subjects increased their salt intake from 9.9 to 11g they found that their neid to urinate increased from 2.3 times to 2.7 times every night. Doctor Lee was also quick to point out that while the findings are promising, the study’s sample group, (300), was small. More research is needed. Yet, for nighttime Hamlets, the study holds promise that by decreasing dietary salt intake the need to pee reduces and the quality of sleep improves.

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