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Bring the outdoors indoors

plants improve air quality indoors

Plant obsession is the latest health trend. Blooming everywhere on Instagram are photos of urban oases. However, trendy Monstera leaves and trails of delicate ivy are more than just greenery fashion for funky cafes.

New research from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University reported adding plants to a room can make the people living in it healthier.

“Indoor plants are effective in reducing airborne chemicals that leach from compounds found in carpets, paint, furniture and more,” said Doctor Kin Lee.

According to the research, having as little as five indoor plants is enough to boost air quality and mental wellbeing.

“Anything natural that makes our indoor spaces healthier and relaxing is worth investigating,” said Doctor Lee. “Especially when those living in cities spend 90 percent of their life inside.”

For visual inspiration and ideas on the new outdoor indoors trend, visit Instagram #urbanjungles. For specific guidelines on which indoor plants can improve air quality and boost your mood, visit Plant Life at plantlifebalance.com.au.

“While adding plants indoors can add a calming effect, uplift spirits, and give you a new interest, always visit your doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms of anxiety or depression,” said Doctor Lee.

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